The Value of Business SEO and Ranking on Page 1 of Google

Why Business SEO and Ranking on Page 1 of Google Is So Important?

You know you need to be more visible on the Internet to get more new customers – particularly in search engine results pages or SERP. To get high rankings, meaning rankings on page 1 of Google, Bing or Yahoo for any of your targeted business SEO keywords, you have to implement professional business SEO and SEM campaigns like those offered by Get New Customers – the best Business SEO Company.  Go here to learn more about the difference between SEO vs SEM.




But what is the difference between position #6 or position #4 and position #1 in terms of the number of clicks and the impact on your ability to get new customers?


Click Distribution Percentages by SERP Rank Affect Your Ability to Get New


Ever wonder how many of your ideal customers click on the 1st search result listed in Google when searching for business or dental practices like yours?


Ever wonder how many clicks and new customers you might gain by moving from position #4 to position #1 in the search results on Google?


Although there is no consistent source of information outlining this specific information, there have been enough studies over time to give you a directional idea of the value of the page 1 rankings and specifically the value of results 1-10.


However, we need to point out five very important caveats.


1. The percentage of clicks will vary over time and is also impacted by the increasing personalization of search which means different people get different search results, even sitting next to each other.


2. Local search results, such as Google Maps, Bing Local and Yahoo Local, are increasingly being integrated within search results for local business and dental practices such that they are obviously impacting the search percentages identified here. However, we think the overall rule of the higher your result is on the page, the more leads you’ll get will continue to hold true.


3. An organic search result, although free from cost per click advertising costs, should be written to attract your ideal customer’s clicks regardless of where your result is positioned on the page. A poorly written page description, even when shown in the 1st position on page 1 can diminish the number of clicks you should receive.


4. Pay per click (PPC) ads also generates clicks on SERP. It is widely believed that roughly 25% of all clicks on a page go to PPC ads appearing at the top and along the right side of the SERP and the remaining 75% of total page clicks go to organic results.


5. The appearance of video in search engine results can influence the click distribution as well as the instance of Google Maps. Video, but again depending on the description appearing along with the video thumbnail, can generate an outsized number of clicks.


6. Savvy doctors and dentists who realize the value of protecting their online reputation are beginning to have professionals like Get New Customers use advanced Business SEO tactics to protect their reputation from competitors and disgruntled consumers who use the Internet to lash out at the business or dental practitioner – these negative comments cannot be deleted – they can only be pushed out of site using advanced Business SEO techniques.


Directional percentage of clicks table below shows the estimated number of clicks based on position on page 1 of Google SERP


  • Position #1: 45.46% of all clicks
  • Position #2: 15.69% of all clicks
  • Position #3: 10.09% of all clicks
  • Position #4: 5.49% of all clicks
  • Position #5: 5.00% of all clicks
  • Position #6: 3.94% of all clicks
  • Position #7: 2.51% of all clicks
  • Position #8: 2.94% of all clicks
  • Position #9:1.97% of all clicks
  • Position #10: 2.71% of all clicks


Total:95.91% of all organic results clicks (general 75% of total page clicks) occur on Page #1 of SERPs.


To Get New Customers


To discuss the value of being on page 1 of Google for your business and how to get more new customers, call our service at or contact us to set up a free initial consultation on how to get more new customers.

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