Online Marketing Videos Improve Conversions

16 Jul

How Online Marketing Videos Improve Conversions

Still not convinced that you need and Video production company and an online video marketing company  as part of your marketing campaign?  Rather then just tell you how great video marketing is we are going to show you some stats that will open your eyes on just how important and vital online marketing video is to the success of your business.

Who Is Watching Online Videos?

Both Accenture and Search Engine Journal, 85% of internet users in the US view online videos on a regular basis. In March 2011 alone the US viewed 5.7 billion videos online, which included 4.3 billion online video advertisements (Comscore, March 2011 Online Video Rankings).

That is a massive amount of people watching a ton of videos, including advertisements.  And while most of us tend to skip right past annoying ads on the TV with new technology devices such as our DVR sets, viewers tend to be much more receptive to online ads.  One obvious reason is that online ads don’t last long, most are under a minute while TV ads can be 3+ minutes.  At most, an online ad is a short 15-45 second blurb that is thrown in between different online videos.

Videos Can Help Conversion Rates

So we have billions of people watching videos and ads online every day. That is great but what makes it even better is that videos have been proven to increase conversion rates exponentially for a number of companies in a number of different niches worldwide.

In January 2009 the online retailer Shoeline decided to add videos to help showcase their products, and are they glad they did!  Adding videos had them seeing a 44% increase in online sales conversions (Internet Retailer, January 2009). Zappos reported similar numbers where they were seeing anywhere from 6% to 30% in their sales for products that had a video accompaniment (ReelSEO, December 2009).

This conversion increase shouldn’t come as a surprise. Having a video on a website has proven to increase one’s time visiting on the website. Internet Retailer reported that videos not only boosted conversion rates for the online retail site Living Direct, it increased the time spent on the site by 9%.

Going Mobile & Online Marketing

So what does that mean? Marketing firms and businesses should not forget about the mobile users.

Smart phone users prefer? That’s right, Video. Why? Because it’s faster to gather information and it’s seen as a more trustworthy source than text on a page. But here’s why smartphone users are important to you:

  • By 2014, there will be more internet users than laptop and desktop users (Microsoft Tag Mobile Marketing Report, 2011)
  • 50% of all local searches are done on mobile devices (Microsoft Tag Mobile Marketing Report, 2011)
  • 46% of shoppers who are using mobile devices in stores are using them to compare a competitor’s website (Forsee Results, 2010)
  • A recent Demandware survey revealed that 83% of smartphone users all considered their phones to be more valuable than any other in-store technology for shopping, and only 16% of shoppers believed that the sales associate was the best source of information. 43% of consumers will place more trust in a sale in their mobile device than any other device OR sales associate (Point of Sale News, May 2011)
  • 77% of mobile video viewers are watching more video than they did a year ago (eMarketer 2010)

The bottom line: everyone is going mobile and mobile users are savvy shoppers.  Videos will help sell your products and services and build trust and confidence that a mobile user needs in order to purchase from you rather then your competitor.  If you don’t have a video marketing campaign, then I hope you see it is time to change and start implementing one today.

Key Takeaways

When you stop and think about video marketing and what it does, none of the stats just mentioned should be a huge surprise.  In the faceless and anonymous world of the internet, having a video allows something that once was intangible to be more tangible.

You can see what it is you are thinking about buying or using.  You can see what it does, how it performs, what it looks like, how others have experienced it.  Videos allow your potential clients to visualize themselves using your product or service and it helps them trust more o they feel more compelled to make a purchase.  And with any luck, your video could go viral which will bring in even more traffic than you could ever imagine.

Need Help With Video Marketing?

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Don Franklin

Don Franklin is a self-taught internet marketer, web developer and traffic conversion expert that started in 2008. He has owned and operated a variety of local businesses where continued to hone his online skills before launching his Digital Marketing & Consulting Agency in 2009. Don now owns several digital companies including a Web Design & Strategic Digital Marketing Agency, a Reputation Marketing Software-As-A-Service company and several other online/digital companies.

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