Improve Your Email Marketing Strategy To Increase Conversions And Revenue

06 Jun
Email Marketing Strategies

Email Marketing Best Conversions And Revenue Strategies

Email marketing has long been hailed as one of the best conversion and revenue strategies, not to mention the amazing ROI compared to other techniques. However, it is one of those strategies which must be constantly improved in order to take full advantage of the benefits it offers. Unfortunately, many people execute an email marketing strategy and never take the time to improve it, which makes the local search engines overlook the website, and in turn affecting your business. If you are serious about increasing conversions and revenue through email marketing, then you must improve your marketing campaign. How can you do this? Follow these simple steps to tweak your email marketing campaign on a regular basis. Check out for proven tactics that guarantee to increase SERP rankings, online visibility, website traffic, and leads.


Edit Your Email List

This is something that many people do not think about doing. It is not uncommon for visitors to sign up for stuff by mistake or provide a “junk” email address in order to receive something for free. These types of actions negatively affect your email delivery performance and provide false metrics. The best way to avoid this is to run your email list through scrubbing and verification software or use a service. It will require an investment, but it is well worth the small price to ensure that your emails are actually reaching the intended recipients. It will also verify that the metrics you are reading are correct. 


Don’t Be Afraid To Use Emojis

Everyone uses emojis because they are fun. They help effectively communicate with a light-hearted undertone. It’s a small step but putting emojis in the subject line will likely boost your open and response rate. It is not necessary to do it with every email but when the opportunity arises, take it.


Test A Double Opt-In List

Even marketing strategists who believe in the power of email marketing and use the best email marketing tools often shy away from double opt-in lists. People often think that the double opt-in is more of a deterrent because of the extra step. This really isn’t the case. Would you rather have a shorter list of people who are genuinely interested in your product or a huge list of not so much? The shorter list is going to be much more valuable every time.


Customize The Response Template

You want to make sure that your newsletter template is responsive and delivered well across all devices and screen sizes. The majority of your customers may open your email on their phone, but many may be using tablets or laptops. There are several services which offer responsive templates for your email marketing. This Salesforce blog also offers some tips on how these templates can be combined to result in becoming customer centric. Again, it is worth the small investment to ensure that you are branded correctly. If you really want to give your email marketing strategy a professional appearance you can even have a custom designed responsive template specifically for your company.



If you run an email marketing campaign, then you understand how important it is to segment the list. This helps ensure that your emails are relevant and targeted. However, you also need to segment the times which they are sent. Don’t just run a test and decide open rates are higher at a certain time of the day. If you are targeting housewives and find that they typically have a higher open rate between certain hours of the morning, then segment your send times as such. It does not good to target an audience and break it down by demographics if you can’t reach them at a time when they will read the email.


Use these five simple yet powerful strategies to improve your email marketing campaign. They will help you boost your open rates while increasing conversions and revenues. Your email marketing list will need regular attention to return the best results for your business.



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